Oh…how I am talented

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Uncategorized

Yesterday was  amusing for me. Or rather anyone near me. First things first I woke up, ten minutes early with this dreadful sinking in my gut. I went to get up, big mistake, I had a Great Dane, a Saint  Bernard, two border collies, and eight cats on my bed. Thankfully my beds just a pile of mattresses on the floor otherwise I’d need a new bed. When I finally wiggled free and went to go get dressed I found snow in my closet. There’s a hole in the roof, and just going off the drift of the stuff in my closet floor, I’m gonna say it snowed last night. So, I got to lug all my clothes to the drier and I need new boots. But that’s not because of the snow, that because the Great Dane, Arlen, was hungry. Cute.

On the bright side, we finally got moisture here, but now I gotta go get little dogs out of little drifts. Not because they’re stuck but because they refuse to move.

There’s this board between the hall and the kitchen, my room is the only room at the end of this hall. I hear my cousin honk at me so I realize I’m late I come running out,{Do you see where this is going?} Anyways I jump over the board, land on the ground and realize I forgot the house keys. I turn around and like an idiot, dive over the board, onto the laundry basket, which left a nice scratch on my face. I curse, run back to my room grab my keys, run back out, jump and….my toes caught on the board so I tilted forward onto my face in a painfully funny fashion. {It’s okay, laugh, everyone else did so I won’t mind. I’ll actually be disappointed if you don’t laugh. My pain wasn’t for nothing.}

I get up and go out to the truck, and since I’ve been staying with a friend that Cassie May doesn’t like, she jumped to the conclusion that we got in a fight. {Ha! Mike’s more apt to force feed me than anything else.} Took me an hour to calm her then another ten minutes to get her to stop laughing at me long enough to actually drive away from the house. Then I sat through two hours of speeches for something I don’t really get. I’m not vegan, don’t support vegans either.  I might love animals but I also like not being in the hospital, which is what happens when I don’t eat meat.


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